Saturday, 20 June 2015

Wreck This Journal Everywhere!

Well Hi there!
After completing my previous wreck this journal, I figured it was time to get another one, right?
I was tossing up between Kerri Smith's "Wreck this journal everywhere" or "this is not a book" but decided to get this one, slowly working my way through all of Kerri Smith's book series.

What I'm really loving and what I loved in my previous journal is that I'm provided with a tiny bit of inspiration. That's perfect for me, I don't know how many times I've wanted to draw or paint something and i've just sat infront of a blank canvas for an hour trying to decide what I should do.

With this is so much easier, even if it's just a little phrase like "float this page" immediately water,  mermaids and all sorts of things come to my mind. So if you struggle a little with the inspiration side of things, these books are perfect.

The first thing I did to my journal was cover it in washi tapes (glitter was kind of a crucial element here)

I will be posting regular updates on my journal so stay tuned! :)
Hope you're all having a lovely week,  until next time

Infinite x's and o's,