Sunday, 21 December 2014

Why I write

I casually mentioned in a conversation with a new friend the other day, that as one of my many careers I want to have. I really wanted to write fiction. I've been writing, just for fun, for quite a while.
English, especially creative writing were my favourite subjects in High school.
She asked me what drew my to write, as she told me she really struggled to invent characters and write a short story in class.
I more or less told her this quote, which I figured I would make into a bedazzled quote photo. Why not.
Right now in this period of my life, sometimes it truly is hard to keep hope. I've written so many short stories of things I wish would happen it's almost ridiculous, but It keeps me going.
Sometimes I don't understand what my mind is actually thinking until I write it down and read it back to myself.
That's just a little short explanation on why I write and why I like writing.

Hope your having a great weekend,
Infinite x's and o's,