Friday, 30 January 2015

Wreck this Journal!

It's official! After just receiving my new copy of "wreck this journal" by Keri Smith in the mail today, I have started a new addiction.
If you haven't herd of this book (where have you been?) It is basically a book that has different prompts on each page, which are open to interpretation. I know sometimes I can get stuck with what to draw or make, so having that prompt, even if it's just a word helps with the flow of creativity.

The types of prompts on each page, to name a few are things like; 

- This page is a sign, what do you want it to say?
-climb up high and drop this book. 
-document time passing
-glue a random page from a newspaper
-A page full of four letter words

If I honesty wrote them all down this blog post would be huge. The one that says to climb up high and drop the book, by all means you can go climb somewhere and peg your book to the ground but  It is also open to interpretation. For instance what you think is very high up, like space or a hot air balloon and go draw that!

I'm still struggling with the whole"wrecking" a book idea. From a young age I always loved books and was taught to be gentle and care for them. The first time I accidentally ripped my wreck this journal, I think I may have actually apologised. 

Here we go, at the start of the book is the warning and acknowledgements.
The warning explains that you may get a little bit covered in paint and rainbows! Fine with me. I decided to whip out my chalk pastels to colour in this page.

The next page asks you to write your name in different ways, like in white, ( I used glitter, any excuse to use glitter) backwards and faintly.

The page next to it was left blank and boring, So i decided to stick an Ed Sheeran lyric on there.

This page had nothing but an arrow and some numbered "rules", which have now been bedazzled with gel pens and chalk pastels.

I shall continue updating through-out the week as I continue to wreck my awesome new journal.
If you have never had one of these or are looking to get more inspiration with drawing or even if you want to have some fun, I recommend this book.
Get wrecking!

Infinite x's and o's